Party on THE PARTY PIRANHA Lake Conroe- here we come!


  • Pets!
  • Jello Shots or trashcan punch
  • ​Glass bottles or containers
  • Weapons of any kind​
  • Outside speakers (we have what you need on board)
  • ​DJ's and/or equipment
  • Bad attitudes - we all want to have fun!

​​Let's Get on Board

  • When ALL your party has arrived (we recommend 30 minutes prior to departure time) The Party Piranha will give you the Participant Paperwork to read and fill out.
  • Participants will also initial the Safety Briefing on the back.
  • ​The "responsible" contract signing individual will board first with contract and payment.
  • Participants will then board and "sign-in" on the manifest.
  • Once everyone is aboard, the crew will shut gates and prepare for departure.
  • The Party Piranha will not leave until the departure time, however, if the participants take a long time to board, your official time will still be the pre-assigned time!

*Drinks (Alcoholic Ones)

  • ​NO jello shots allowed on vessel
  • NO trashcan punch allowed on vessel
  • The Party Piranha, it's crew, or it's affiliates are NOT responsible for keeping alcohol drinking to a minimum, however, the Captain can cancel the trip at any time if he feels intoxication of even one person is becoming dangerous to himself or others.
  • The person signing the contract will be held responsible that only people 21 and over will be drinking​! 


  • ​​Food and Drinks*
  • LOTS of water - keep hydrated
  • Life jackets for very small children (we have youth 45 lbs and over but not child sizes)
  • Coolers
  • Sunscreen
  • Water toys (noodles, floats, etc)
  • MP3 player or phone for music
  • Paper plates, napkins if you are planning to eat
  • If using the on-board grill-you will need to bring your own grilling utensils
  • Extra Chairs - we have 25 on board
  • Water shoes, towels, etc


Party Boat Rental at Lake Conroe